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Explanation for this page:

Even though I genuinely wish to review every album ever released, it's unlikely I'll ever be able to reach that goal, especially if I write the typical 1,000-word review for everything. So why don't I try to speed this along and write extremely short reviews of albums instead? Also, I've been a little bit tired of planning everything I review, so maybe for awhile I'll only review what I happen to be listening to in the car, at work, or while exercising.

My goal here is to try to write these reviews as if they were to appear in a coffee table book. In other words, concise and strictly professional. For that reason, many of these reviews might be suddenly edited without warning (especially if they were recently posted).

The Rating System is going to seem somewhat more harsh than it is on the main site. That is because every grade from 0/15 to 7/15 is consolidated into a single rating: ★. After all, I doubt a whole lot of people care about degrees of crap. These reviews are also going to be slightly more opinion-based than it is on the main site. For example, I think I only would have rated The B-52's debut a 13/15 on the main site on account of "objectively perceived flaws," but since I consider it one of the jewels of my collection, I'll give it five stars here without further explanation required. (These ratings only go to albums I consider top-tier personal favorites and thus they are going to be somewhat rare. Optimistically, I'm guessing there are 200 five-star albums that do exist and will exist.)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ - Fantastic album and personal favorite
★ ★ ★ ★ - Great album that I want to revisit time and time again
★ ★ ★ - Good album
★ ★ - So-so album
★ - Bad album

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Abdul, Paula


Wye Oak

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